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Step into Buena Onda's courtyard and find yourself in a whole new world of music, dance, food, and friendship.

On Thursday, April 18th, we roll out our beautiful dance floor to receive the Grammy-nominated The Charles Gorczyinski Quartet with a crossover from Los Tangueros Del Oeste.Their sounds  combine classical and avant-garde tango: Some traditional, some electronic, all tango.

Share food and conversation under the stars. Let your whole soul be taken and dance to this remarkable band’s contemporary, very much alive music of the heart.

An evening of music, dance, food and drink to remember. 

We gather in the beautiul courtyard of Buena Onda + Empanadas, a highly awarded restaurant owned a local family originally from Argentina to celebrate a time honored, and world honored tradition of getting together and celebrating life. 

We will have DJ'd music to dance to and tango live music as well. Dancing on our beautiful dance floor is highly encouraged, but not required. 

Free dance class, raffles, and more in an evening filled with surprises.


Charles Gorczynski 

Minneapolis-based composer and bandoneonist Charles Gorczynski works in contemporary tango, new music, and studio production. He leads the acclaimed modern tango group Charles Gorczynski Tango Quartet, and is the director of the Twin Cities Tango Collective.

Charles is a deeply established musician and community organizer with a distinct voice in creative new music, and has also worked with Redwood Tango Ensemble, Tango Sin Fin, Mariano Barreiro Tango Trio, Tango BC Quartet, Alejandro Ziegler Cuarteto, Maxi Larrea Trio, Maldito Tango, Los Tangueros Del Oeste, Dubuque Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Chorale, Vocal Essence Orchestra Hall, Mason Bates’ Mercury Soul Orchestra, and California Symphony.

Sascha Jacobsen 

2022 Latin Grammy nominated composer, orchestrator, arranger, orchestrator, and bassist, upright and electric. Sashca has performed with Kronos Quartet, Rita Moreno, Hugh Jackman, Martin Short, Mandy Patinkin & Patti LuPone, Marc Shaiman, Bonnie Raitt, Randy Newman, Josh Groban, Kristin Chenoweth, Andrew Lippa, Eddie Duran, 

Fluent in many styles including Jazz, Rock, Funk, Blues, Americana, Argentine Tango, Salsa, Latin Jazz, Classical Music, Sascha’s passion for music and dance has led him to collaborate with great dance groups such as The Flamenco Theatre Company of San Francisco, Tango Fatal with Choreographer Jorge Torres (Forever Tango), The Island Moving Company, San Jose Dance,  and the Chitresh Das Dance Company with Jason Samuels Smith. His arrangement of the Rhapsody in Blue for String Quintet has been sold in more than 15 countries around the world.  

Sashcha has performed with Argentine Tango group, Trio Garufa, and founded Los Tangueros del Oeste.


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